TMJ Remedy


Relieve your TMJ pain immediately, and for good, with guided self massage and somatic techniques

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The TMJ Remedy program empowers you with the knowledge and tools to heal your TMJ pain and tension.

You'll gain an understanding of what’s causing your discomfort and learn simple techniques to relieve it.

Applying the self massage techniques will help you establish a more relaxed baseline for your TMJ muscles.

And this leads to easier movement, healthier muscles and joints and, most importantly, less pain.

Then, anytime jaw tension flares back up, you’ll know exactly what to do.

If you have pain, tension or dysfunction around your TMJ...

✨ YOU ARE NOT ALONE - Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction (TMD) is the 2nd most common musculoskeletal pain. About 33% of the population has at least one TMD symptom

✨  IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT if you haven’t found a solution. There really aren’t accessible, effective solutions available to treat TMJ pain and tension. Our medical system is great for many things, but it often does not address muscle, fascia and nervous system causes of pain and tension.

Working with these systems is THE KEY 🔑 to healing the underlying causes and resolving the pain for good.  


TMJ Remedy is for you if you experience…

✔️ Any amount of pain or tension around your jaw

✔️ Headaches, earaches or neck tension

✔️ Clicking or popping when you open your jaw

✔️ Pain or discomfort while chewing

✔️ Grinding your teeth at night or when stressed

✔️ Limited range of motion either opening your mouth or moving side to side

✔️ Your jaw catching or locking when opening or closing 

✔️ Pain in the past that is less acute now but you don't want it to come back 

✔️ Or you’ve been prescribed a mouthguard or any other appliance or medication to treat TMJ issues


TMJ Remedy will...

⭐️ Empower you with a basic grasp of TMJ anatomy 
⭐️ Give you the knowledge to understand what’s causing the tension, where its located and how to address it
⭐️ Teach you simple techniques to manage pain and tension 
⭐️ Show you how to release adhesions in the muscles and fascia that cause muscular pain 
⭐️ Help you reset the neuromuscular communication cycle that causes chronic tension
⭐️ Guide you to a new, more relaxed baseline for the muscles around your TMJ leading to ongoing relief
⭐️ Teach you exercises to have on hand to address a flare up of tension if it arises

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Curious about what's inside the course? Let me tell you...

TMJ Remedy contains...

💎 A simple anatomy overview of the TMJ muscles

💎 How to self massage effectively 

💎 Seven guided self massage sessions, with visual and audio guidance on how to massage each muscle 

💎 Myofacial release techniques and techniques to release muscle and facial adhesions (think *knots*)

💎 How to break the jaw clenching cycle

💎 How to release the muscle that usually causes the jaw to *pop* 

💎 Guided massage of major neck muscles (and why they affect the TMJ)

💎 Curated Spotify playlist and Pandora station to set the tone for relaxation while you massage

Things people are saying about working with me...

“Lizzy is gentle and skilled and also very knowledgeable about body disorders.”

Mari J

I was recovering from jaw surgery and having a lot of muscle pain in my neck, head and shoulders. Lizzy came recommended to me by a physical therapist. I found her sessions to be helpful in addressing my symptoms. She is also a warm, kind human being, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.”

- Gillette H

“Lizzy is knowledgeable, and her work is magic! She's a must for a self care regimen! I highly recommend Lizzy!

Savannah J

I cannot wait to guide you through this program...

My decision to specialize in TMJ massage came from my own experience suffering from TMJ pain and discomfort.

I'm so grateful to have learned TMJ massage. And I've loved shaping that knowledge into the techniques I'm sharing with you here.

TMJ self massage has literally changed my life. 

Discovering how many other people suffer from TMJ pain and really struggle to find a solution has made it my passion to share this with you, and everyone one who needs it. 

If you choose to join us in the course, I'll do my best to make sure you have all the support you need along the way. 

I look forward to welcoming you into TMJ Remedy. 

ALL my best,